2D and 3D animation & prints | Liverpool 2012

Title from the German: zwischen (between) and Verbindung (connection)

A 3D & 2D animated sculpture situated in a virtual space made accessible via TV screens. 'Zwischen-Verbindung' was inspired by responding to the particular space at the Walker Art Gallery and its collection of Italian Renaissance paintings. The animation can be seen as a bridge or attempt linking the technology of the past with that of the present. Contemporary 3D-animation probably would not exist without the discovery of the scientific principles of perspective by Renaissance artists. The sculpture is influenced by the idea of ‘interconnectivity’. In this concept, all parts of a system interact with and rely on one another and the whole system can not be analysed by only looking at its parts separately.

The prints surrounding the main piece are extensions of ideas about the concept of 'Zwischen-Verbindung' and show stills from early attempts for the animation project.

commissioned by Arts Council England
curated by Laura MacCulloch