3D animation | DVD | 2010
poem & voice by Nathan Jones
3D animation and video edit by M. Soukup

The Poet Nathan Jones approached Markus Soukup to develop a visual interpretation for his Poem 'Before Love'. Soukup produced a virtual camera movement through a relatively abstract 3D-environment, which functions as a time-based situation unfolding a space of free interpretation for the listener/spectator.

“The poem for this film is developed through distorting an original text. The parable 'Before the Law' from Kafka's The Trial has been translated through the metaphor 'Love is law'. Markus' film was envisaged as an environment in which to really listen to the vocal, while developing a visual imagery which builds on the themes of the poem-within-the-poem, abstraction and realism, and the nature of the poetical work as an environment which the audience explore.” (Nathan Jones)